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06/04/07: Because I am a Little Nutty

I have set up a page just to keep track of my 52 Pair Plunge progress.

I thought I would have 2 new pairs to show today, but instead I will be ripping out one sock out of each of those pairs. That is what I get for leaving old socks without mates for so long. I knit the same amount of rows and stitches but they came out completely different sizes. So my progress is still one sock for both the kool aid dyed and zebra socks, darn I was so close to finishing those. Oh well.

Here is the pic of the 2 different sized socks.

and here is what I have for the zebra socks.

So cause I was mad at the socks I have been crocheting a tank instead. No pictures of that yet cause I keep forgetting to upload them. But am diggin' the crochet lately so there you have it. It isn't done yet either though cause I am using sock yarn to make it and it is kinda tiny, rats.

Check out what the other plungers have been up to. I love hand knit socks!
52 pair plunge

Comments made

i think that's cool! i'll definitely be back to check your progress. maybe you can motivate me to finish my projects.
06/04/07 19:33:57
I hate it when the socks plot against you! That sock page is so neat. I love how the little socks look all lined up.
06/04/07 19:43:00
Love the zebra sox.
06/09/07 11:26:46

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