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09/25/07: Back to Socks

Ok so I have not been doing too much knitting lately, but am starting to get back into it with some socks.

The first pair is actually finished! Started these a few years ago and got bored working on them since they are just plain ribbed knee highs. But somehow I re-motivated and flew through the second one. Yay! I was using regia banner stripe yarn.

Next up is some koigu and regia solid 4-ply. Started to play around with a 2-color sock from the Sensational Knitted Socks book. I got to the heel and am a little confused as to what I am supposed to do for the gusset and so put it aside to start yet another sock.

The last sock on the needles is some trekking yarn in a cabled pattern that I just made up as I went along. It isn't that original but I didn't refer to a pattern just played around with the ribbing until I liked it.

Ok that is all for now. Ciao!

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how hilarious that we both took approximately two years to knit one pair of knee highs. and yet i am tempted to make every pair i work on knee highs. :)
09/25/07 09:26:12
I love all those!!

I had a grand plan to make knee socks out of all the sock yarn I had that needed 2 skeins to make a pair. After I made one pair I decided to change my grand plan.
09/25/07 15:52:33

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