02/20/07: Pentagons

cabled capecho

Yup it's the cover pattern from the latest vogue knitting. Am really diggin' knittn' this top! I chose to use my fav debbie bliss cashmerino aran yarn, shockingly not in blue. And so far it has been loverly to knit up. I have completed all the pentagons and am on the first sleeve now, woo hoo. Somehow I have committed to this project a little better than others so I might even finish it, which is such an amazing thing. I am a little concerned with the fit, seems highly floppy in this super soft yarn so I am crossing my fingers. Here is a close up of one pentagon.

close up

Was trying to finish this for my vacation. Anywho instead it is just coming along as a vacation knitting project. Yay!

02/19/07: Actually Met a Knitting Goal!

Or Happy Birthday Ms Cranky Monkey Butt!

I said I was hoping to finish the purple handspun socks in February and welp I did it! Amazing isn't it? Anywho, the one sock is still a little smaller than the other but the recipient can at least get her feet into them so we decided they were ok? I hope it doesn't bug her too much. I think I even have enough yarn left to make myself a pair of these socks since I aparently make short socks as well. But I have short calves so maybe that is why they never seemed short to me before?

grape socks

Hope you are having a fun day Ms C.

02/15/07: Hairpin Lace Info

Since it was requested. Here are some links to helpful hairpin lace info.

I used this one when making my grandmothers scarf.

And then this link for the joining of the strips.

Here is a page with other helpful links.

All you need is a hairpin and a crochet hook, or you can get one of these like I did. It is lots of fun if I do say so myself!

02/14/07: Happy Hairpin Lace

hairpin lace done

Here is a little scarf I made my grandmother out of some acrylic mohair I got from france awhile back. It was a fun test of making hairpin lace. Really easy to do and comes out so fancy looking I think. So I am giving it to her for Valentines Day. Of course I won't be seeing her until the weekend but a little late is better than never. Isn't the container cute?

cute valentines container