05/09/07: My First MDSW!

This was my very first trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival and I have to send a super huge thanks to Alice for driving me even when I was nodding off (terrible navigator in the sun I was). The yarn acquired has upped my yardage to 150602.75 yards or 85.57 miles. Not too bad really because I only bought sock yarn and no sweater yarn, right? Well a lot of sock yarn, I managed to be the big buyer of the group. I just finished 3 single socks therefore I am knitting with lots of sock yarn right now so it's not that bad, he he he. More about the socks in a couple days, for now on to the many pics I have decided to share with y'all.

Here is a shot of the Delaware Bridge on the way there. Purty sunset, but right after that we decided we hate Delaware, stupid traffic!

delaware bridge

There were license plates to amuse us while we chugged along waiting to park Saturday morning.

goofy license plates

It was early while we waited in the souvenir line so Claudia could stock up on prizes so someone took a little nap :)


Lots of cutie animals:






This is what I bought. I was a little sock crazy as I said. Been wanting to knit the fun Cookie patterns and needed solid sock yarn. Yes I am aware I bought more than just solid sock yarn, oops.

the haul

So that is Shelridge farm starting on the left, heathered and apricot, there was a loverly peacock blue too but I already gave that to the lil sis. Then 2 colorways of koigu. Next up are two colors skeined together of sock yarn from The Flock Bransonas. Some Louet Gems in a pretty light green. Tess Designs Laceweight merino (one for me one for my sis). Now for the top left there is Dzined wool/hemp. And 2 colors of Trekking sock yarn. phew!

Also got some spinning fun. Some cormo cause Sil's love for it in yarn form rubbed off on me, first time playing with this soft soft soft fluff. Already tested it out on the hand spindle.

the fluff

And then some other fluff which I am blanking on where it came from at the moment. But Rosemary said it was lovely to spin so I got me some.

the fluff

And finally since I have been wanting a bunny I had to get some angora fluff after I saw Leigh's.

the fluff

Yummy food was eaten, hung out with some lovely ladies, and had a very nice weekend.

This is the Delaware bridge home.

going home

And here we are at the Tappan Zee. Thanks also to Leigh for showing me to the kettle corn, yummmm! It kept us happy on the drive.

tappan zee

And another plate we saw. There was another girlie named one but I didn't get a photo. Naturally only boys were driving these girlie plated cars?

more plates

Ok now that is all I have to say about that.

05/04/07: And the Winner Is...

Beth!!! She guessed 147,400 yards. So this Finn will be going to her, congrats!


So what was the real number you ask? 146,040 yards! Beth was really close. It is the same as 83 miles of yarn. As crazy as that seems some of those guesses started to make me feel like I didn't have so much after all. he he he. Yeah I know it is still a lot. Oh well at least now I know where it all is :) Thanks Carolyn for all the help!