05/31/07: Another Pair Finito!

So I finished my handspun Candy Stripe Monkey Socks!

candy stripe monkey socks done!

Yarn: My Handspun (merino fluff from Spunky Eclectic that I dyed with kool aid and plied with some undyed fiber)
Needles: US 1 (magic Loop)
Pattern: Plain St St sock with Garter short row heel
Count: Pair 3 of 52

Um so I should be at 9 pairs done this weekend. Am thinking I might be at 5 if I am lucky!

05/16/07: Pair Number 2 Down!

Number 2, hee hee!

Anywho here they are in all their finito'd glory.

Easter Socks

Yarn: Online
Needles: US 1 (magic Loop)
Pattern: Knit 3, Purl 1tbl Ribbing with a no wrap heel
Count: Pair 2 of 52

These were knit for one of my Aunts. So off to the post office sometime soon to brave the new pricing craziness.

So far I feel like a maniac speed knitter on the train. That is when all the sock knitting is happening, with a little home time for kitchenering the toes. But it turns out I can knit almost 30 rounds of plain stocking stitch during my one hour train ride into work if I am really awake, not bad. So no more train naps for me, I got some socks to knit!

05/14/07: First Pair Complete!


Tiger Socks

Yarn: Opal Rainforest Tiger
Needles: US 2
Pattern: Basic Sock with a no wrap heel
Count: Pair 1 of 52

I knit these several times for my brother but the size just wasn't quite right on him so I kept putting them on hold. Well as it turns out they are a perfect fit for my father, thus he gets his first pair of handknit socks. Yippy they are done!

Am about to kitchener the second toe of another pair, so exciting isn't it?

05/12/07: Serious Second Sock Syndrome Stops Suddenly

Yup I cast on for a second sock this week, I can hardly believe it!

Now I know I knit a pair of socks back in March rather quickly, but that was a rarity and only because I spun the yarn and was dying to see how it all knit up.

So the pair of socks that might actually become a real pair are #3 in the crazy picture below. The Easter time socks.

I am a sock slacker

What are all the rest of those socks you ask? Well we found lots of started craziness in that wall of mine and so I am laying it all out now for y'all to see. 19 started sock projects there. Well actually only 18, one pair is just a gift I need to start. Still that is ridiculous. So many single socks.

I am not about to go all Harry Potter about this so I have decided to be completely insane and try to catch up and do the 52 pair plunge. It may be the only way I ever finish some pairs of socks. I certainly have the yarn for it so here it goes. I am 6 weeks late but I figure since I have much started I am ok to join now anyway. So by April 1st, 2008 I will have brought 52 more pairs of socks into the world, now there is an April fools if I ever heard one. Alas, I am serious about trying for it. The hubby seems to think I can do it, so wish me luck! (or wish me sanity or something)