05/30/07: Navajo'd Strawberries

Finished plying the purty pink and green Spunky. Just in time since her next batch should be arriving any day now.

strawberry fields plied

strawberry fields yarn

I am thinking this will be a pair of gloves someday. Won't be knitting them til it gets colder out though :)

05/22/07: Strawberry Fields Forever!

So I didn't think I would be spinning for awhile but technically I still have the wheel while the sister is out of town. So I got to start on the latest Spunky Club fiber, 4oz. of Corriedale she calls Strawberry Fields. Joy!

strawberry fields fluff

05/17/07: Oh Yeah and Finished a Bit More Spinning

As I try to use up the stash in my sock knitting fever seems I forgot to post about some spinning I finished up a little bit ago.

It started out all fluffy and pretty:

just startin the walkabout

And then became this:

walkabout plied

Here is a close up:

walkabout close up

This is more spunky club fluff naturally. It is the "Walkabout" colorway. Love pink and brown, and blue and brown. So pink, blue, and brown is even better!