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03/15/07: Since Snow is on the Forecast Again...

I am still knitting my scarves.

The handpun one is coming along fine. I still can't believe how much yardage I have in that purple.

And then cause I still seem to be into purple lately, I cast on for the Chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts that everyone is knitting. I am using some left over yarn from my Picovoli tank along with another color of that fabulous Diarufuran yarn from Carolyn's Picovoli. It is so soft!

And then today I saw this pattern: Kureopatora's Snake. It looks like lots of fun. Here is a link to some more snakes by Ishi. (Scroll past the shawls to see the scarves. And I recommend checking out all her galleries, she has some amazingly well made knits in there!) I am kinda loving the look so I will have to hold on to this pattern to add to my growing scarf collection.

Even with all this scarf love, I am anxious for spring to arrive.

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Those snake scarves are very cool, I like them a lot!
03/15/07 17:56:35
the tone of this post is hilarious. "i am anxious..." you are too funny.
03/16/07 11:37:52

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