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04/30/07: Guess My Yarn Yardage Contest!

So Ms. CrankyMonkeyButt made her way over to this neck of the woods for a work filled weekend. Most importantly she was my yarn inventory specialist. In preparation for Maryland I needed to know in miles why I should be restrained in my purchasing next weekend. Let me tell you this fiber fest shall be more about the socializing than the purchasing, which for me is very difficult I gotta say. Anywho in light of the monumental yardage we uncovered, I am going to have a little contest.

Leave me a comment or send me an email of how many yards of yarn you think I have in my stash including the wall of yarn and some baskets of afghan yarn. Closest one to the truth wins some of my handspun!

wall o stash

Current photo of the wall of yarn above.

Below are some little hints to help you make your guess.

1. Each cube is about one foot cubed of space.
2. There are a total of 43 cubes that contain yarn. The others are notions and fluff and do not add to the yardage.
3. Outside the wall I have almost 15000 yards of afghan and in progress yarn which is part of my total stash yardage.
4. There are scores of miles of yarn in the wall.
5. I tend to like thinner yarn, DK weight to laceweight, which makes for more yards per skein.
6. It is more yardage than Monica has, yikes!

Here is a pic of most of the cubes with yarn (greens ones were added later so you have to guess how full those are).

inside the cubes

Ok so that is it. Please send in your guesses by Thursday, May 3rd, 5pm EST. I will announce the winner on Friday. Then it is off to Maryland!

Good Luck!

Comments made

i guess i can't guess since i typed in the invetory and my guess would be right! :)
04/30/07 16:36:11
Hoo boy that's a lot of yarn! Based on Monica's total.. I'm going with 162,000 yds. :)
04/30/07 17:00:50
I truly do not need to be entering your contest for more yarn but I'm I'm guessing 195,000 yards.
04/30/07 17:18:30
My mind has been officially boggled. Holy Cow. I'm so stunned I can't even put an exclamation point on it. Your stash is my stash's role model.

147,500 yards
04/30/07 17:24:17
That is SO MUCH YARN. Amazing. I will now show this to my fiance so he knows that my measly little stash is nothing compared to a master stash like this!

And here' s my guess:

210,000 yards.
04/30/07 18:03:37
WOW! What a great stash!!!

I'll guess 127,800 yds.
04/30/07 20:18:56
Wow! That's a serious collection of yarn!
My guess: 143,000 yards
04/30/07 21:13:46
Wow, that is an AMAZING stash! My guess is ONE BILLION (kidding), OK 225,000 yards.
04/30/07 21:32:41
I am abstaining from guessing because I am related to you. :) And I am just too lazy to do the math. Wow, your stash is more than I had realized. Cool.
05/01/07 12:05:29
My guess is 121,135 yards or roughley 69 miles. When in doubt. Good luck at the maryland fest. I'm only a little envious.
05/01/07 12:38:40
my guess is 320,000 yards
05/01/07 13:42:48
I am going waaaay over what anyone else has guessed. My estimate is 327,453 yards. The laceweight does add up. Lol.

I love your storage! Where did you find all the fabric cubes to go into your shelves? I was thinking of getting those kind of shelves from Ikea, but there I only saw woven or plastic baskets.

Have fun at MDS&W! I wish I could go this year, but we are going to visit rellies who are ill. Have lots of fun for me! Yeah, I am quite presumtious. :)
05/01/07 15:40:06
Gosh I just wanna tell what the yardage is already, why did I say you had 'til Thursday to guess? :)

The shelves are from Target.

They are called Cubicles and they sell the doors and the fabric bins separately so you can pick and choose what you want. I love them!
05/01/07 15:53:57
most impressive! I will use the scientific method of picking a number that no one else has picked yet: 180,000 yards.

Do you get to inventory Ms. CrankyMonkeyButt's stash next? :)
05/01/07 16:59:15
Whoa! I'm only at about half of Monica's... For you I'm guessing 333,333 yards (because I like to say that out loud in a horrible immitation of a Brooklyn accent).
05/01/07 19:13:51
My wild guess is 384,437 yards. And there I am, fretting over my 55k or so yards :O) ...
05/02/07 01:49:03
OK people you're just getting crazy now. she said she had "more" than monica. not "double" monica. :)
05/02/07 09:39:55
I'm going for a cool million yards.
05/02/07 10:11:11
I'll go with 166,450. I'm so jealous that you have so much room to store your yarn. All of my yarn fits only into my beach bag!
05/03/07 16:57:55

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