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08/01/07: Berries!

Well I still love the wild rasberry bush. We had some lovelies this year!


And me Mum is crocheting an afghan that matched the blueberries she was eatin'.


And of course goofing off in the pool is fun too! I know it isn't really a giant berry. But look you can see me taking the picture in the middle!


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MMMmmm wild berries! The Fall Possibilities Girl Scout Events magazine for our service unit came out today. And they are having an event at Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls! I can't wait to tell Mollie cause I know she will want to go! We will pick tons of fresh berries. All kinds. I can't wait!
08/01/07 21:53:53
Oh, I love picking berries, especially BLUE berries. They are my favourite! I love coming home with purple feet from all the berries and then having to wash down with the hose. hehe! Just because I usually wear sandals...silly me! You're getting me excited for this years bunches! They'll be ready to pick soon... The afghan is looking great! Lovely shades! ^_^
08/02/07 11:44:03
Those are some yummy looking berries!
08/03/07 12:03:02

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