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11/02/08: Candy Corn!!!

So instead of wearing the candy corn sweater for halloween this year, I finished knitting it on Halloween :) It came out pretty fun though and is a super cuddly kind of oversized sweater. I was too lazy to rip it back when I noticed it was coming out a bit larger than I meant it to. But I still love it.


The sister got us some fun slippers from target to go along with it as she was knitting herself a candy corn skirt.


Really some card she got last year is what made this whole thing come about, a girl was wearing a cute knitted candy corn skirt so we went nuts and wanted to do it too. Below is me in the full crazy neon knitted gear. Not originally intended to overload and be worn all at once, but it is quite an outfit doncha think? I even painted the nails orange for y'all to enjoy!

candycorn_slippers candycorn_outfit candycorn_sweater candycorn_nails
Hope everyone had a smashing Halloween too!

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you two are hilarious
11/03/08 17:14:52

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