iPod Sleeve

This cotton sleeve has stretch to closely hug and protect your iPod without scratching it. It will fit all models of the iPod Classic.

Cascade Fixation - One 50g Ball
US 4 Double Pointed Needles
2 Decorative Beads or Buttons

7 sts per inch (row guage is not important)
on size US 4 needles in st st

iPod classic 160GB (iPod classic 80BG)

CO 40 (36) stitches. Join stitches in the round.

K1P1 for 4 rounds.

K all stitches in following rounds until piece
measures 4 inches from the top.

Row 1:
Needles 1&3: K1, ssk, K to end.
Needles 2&4: K to the last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1.

Row 2:
K all stitches.

Repeat rows 1-2 once more.

Divide stitches in half and place on 2 needles.

Kitchener stitch remaining stitches closed.

Cut 2 stands of yarn 9 inches long.

Hold 2 strands together and weave through the top row of ribbing. Attach beads if desired.

iPod sleeve
Open for headphones and access to the hold button.
iPod sleeve
The elastic in the yarn helps for a nice snug fit.

CO—Cast On
K2tog—Knit 2 stitches together
ssk—slip one stitch knitwise, K1, psso
psso—pass slipped stitch over
st st—stocking stitch

iPod sleeve
Try playing with color and add stripes to your pod.


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