Cookies Within Cookies

I got a fun cookie book, bigfatcookies by Elinor Klivans, a couple weeks ago and finally gave a recipe a try. I have to say that I bought the book because of the fun layout and I also got its partner cupcake book for that same reason. But, as it turns out the recipies look great too, and so far I have made the Cookie in a Cookie recipe and loved it! First you make your chocolate chip cookies the normal way, then let them cool and crumble it into the rest of the cookie batter and back the final cookie.

Check out the batter before adding the bits of already baked cookie and after.

2 doughs

Here is the first round of baking, all smooth and pretty.

normal chocolate chip

Then here is the final cookie all textured and twice as yummy!

Best chocolate chip cookie I have ever made!

I think these are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever made. Next time I am thinking of adding macadamia nuts! I love this book and can’t wait to try more of the cookies in it.

Lots of Organizing Going On

Here is what I started with:

What a mess!

That is an entire pool table full of yarn and two huge baskets of afghan yarn behind it. Also the table that is cut off on the right in the photo is overflowing with in progress knits. Yikes!

I needed to better organize what I have so that I don’t buy more. Hence investing in lots of fabric cubes.

Hmmm...what is that block spot?

You can see I had a little helper in there. Here is a better view of her.

Hello Sara!

And finally the new wall o’ yarn! Now I am not supposed to buy anything that won’t fit in this wall. As if what is in there isn’t already enough. I just love texture and color so much it is hard to stop!

The Wall O' Yarn

Welcome to the New Me!

I have finally decided to join the world of RSS feeds and actual bloggin’ type software. Hopefully this will make my updating life easier, seems like it should right? I mean doing everything manually gets a little time consuming. Eventually I will have some sort of gallery I imagine and refix the patterns pages and what not, but for now this is all I have to show, fascinating isn’t it?

New Image Size Test

Here we go, trying to find the ideal image size for this here layout. Am hoping this will do it. Now on to adding the photo.

This is my most recent completed knit. Picovoli is the lovely free pattern from MagKnits. I added ribbing to the bottom as it was rolling halfway up my tummy and not looking so attractive, but that is not in the photo below. I will have to take a better shot with me in it with the ribbing at some point.


The yarn used for this project came from IndiGirl Amy’s new store and was something called dsdaldkjl. Yeah it was a japanese yarn and I am blanking on all real info. Will get back to you on that as well.