Hope Returns to the Needles

Since I actually finished knitting a whole sweater I am going crazy and thinking hey I can finish projects after all! So I picked up Hope, a sweater I started knitting back in 2003!!! Goodness me, I had the whole back already knitted up and part of the front and then it has been sitting …


Voila! Ma Mandel c’est fini!

Finally I have some photos of my finished Mandel! Yes they are bathroom night shots but hopefully you can still see it well enough. The yarn did indeed start to grow after blocking and some wearing, perhaps I should have stuck with the smaller needles afterall but it is still nice and comfy all slouchy …


Pretty Stitch Markers

Check out the pretty stitch markers I got this weekend. They are from Hiya Hiya and I love them! They come with an equally pretty little case to keep them in, I just could not resist.

Test Knitting…

I have been working on this loverly test knit for the Mandel pattern for Anke. I really love the classic design and the subtle details in the pattern (ooh pleats! and a saddle shoulder!). The silk I am using is very drapey so I worry that it may grow once done, but currently the fit …


Tea Time!

Had some loose leaf tea laying around and so I decided to make these cute DIY tea bags I saw on The Sweetest Occasion. They are so cute! Pretty easy too, even for someone who does not sew, I did not have to care about precise fabric cutting or even stitches and it still works. …



Check out the pretty coke bubbles I found on my desk at work friday. Stupid SuperBowl made me break my coke diet. Yes I fell off the wagon again. Ok today I am now 1 day sober.

Blog Update

I have rolled this page over to WordPress at long last. Please update your feeds as needed, if you want to see new posts in your readers that is. I am also making a big effort to post here more often, yay!