Sunday Soaping

Recently went to Disney World and saw a cute mold so I tried it out this weekend. I think next time I will try black mickeys and a white background or maybe even some color.

Mickey EmbedMickey EmbedMickey EmbedMickey Embed

The clear soap is still a bit cloudy I should have blued it more I think, but still pretty cute, when wet it will look more clear is my guess.

Then decided to try re-using some fruit cups to make fruity soaps. These look just like real jello cups, but please do not eat! And they smell like passionfruit rose, yum!

Workin’ on Walnuss…

As I mentioned before I am hoping I am going to have enough of the blue yarn to knit a mostly solid version of this test knit. I just got it stuck in my head that way. And then I plan to do the trim in the gray as below.

But in case I do run out of yarn, I had to know what it would look like if I go with stripes in the end. So I did a little color test in Photoshop. It is cute I think, just not my preferred for these colors, so I am willing to re-knit it that way if need be but am holding out for the solid version.

Walnuss Testing…

Started another test knit for Anke. So far so good, I am really liking the wool cotton I chose for this. I have had it in my stash forever and only now realize how much I love this yarn! It has nice stretch and it still cottony. Of course plenty of people must already know this but I am glad to finaly knit with it and will probably want to buy more if I ever use up some more stash first :)

I am hoping to knit this mostly in the blue color and then just do the neck and trim work with the grey but I am not sure if I have enough blue so am also thinking stripes or shorter sleeves if need be. We will see as I go along.