Need Buttons!

So I have my walnuss all blocked and ready to go, but I only had 4 buttons of the ones I would like to use for it, so I need to go and see if I can find me some more this weekend. The pattern uses 6 buttons, but I opted for more and since I added length as well I need a total of 9 buttons. Anywho here is a little photo of it as it stands for now.

I ended up not ripping back when I ran out of blue and doing the stripes I thought I would, but rather added a thick grey band at the bottom of the body and sleeves. I really like the double pleat bind off in this pattern, it is very sturdy and clean. I added another pleat and some length to the body and my sleeves are shorter than the pattern, but I used up every bit I could of the yarn I had on hand and it hits right above the elbow which is a comfy place for me so I am happy with it.

2 thoughts on “Need Buttons!”

  1. Yes it is very yarn consuming but cool. Basically you pick up a stitch from the purl side 3 rows below and knit it together with the current stitch, repeat across the row. Then knit 3 more rows and repeat the knit together and bind off at the same time.

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