My Red Carpet Hits and Misses


In honor of the Academy Awards last night I made some festive pops. Only they came out completely disgusting! I blame the excess salt in the recipe really. I knew as I added the salt according to the directions that it was way too much but I did it anyway. Oops! They were like frozen salt sticks instead of popcorn, gross! But they looked pretty :) and the chocolate drizzle and dulce de leche was very yummy.


So luckily I had extra sauce and made little Bon bons with that. My sisters idea to make these babies, brilliant, she saved the day. Much better!!! These were really yummy and super easy to make the dulce de leche and soooo creamy and tasty! Ah the magic that is sweetened condensed milk :)





Easter Treats Wrap Up

Made lots of fun treats this past week to celebrate with.
(click on the images to see larger)

  1. A spring Easter suds order. Soap and hand knit washcloths.
  2. Tie Dyed some eggs.
  3. Made ‘cadbury’ cream eggs, I added a hint of coconut.
  4. Also made peanut eggs and marshmellow eggs.
  5. Made homemade peeps.
  6. Also chocolate dipped some strawberries.
  7. Baked cake eggs, these seem like a great travel cake!