Chocolate Cherry Rocks!



I made this icecream once before and so when it looked like I was not eating a bag full of cherries fast enough, I decided it was time for a repeat appearance :) cooked the cherries up before they could rot and then made the chocolate custard base and put it in the fridge for a day to chill before running it through the ice cream maker.






It is super creamy and delicious and the cherries really make it all the better although the chocolate ice cream on its own is probably plenty yummy. I highly recommend making your own ice cream, it is fun and very tasty indeed!

My Red Carpet Hits and Misses


In honor of the Academy Awards last night I made some festive pops. Only they came out completely disgusting! I blame the excess salt in the recipe really. I knew as I added the salt according to the directions that it was way too much but I did it anyway. Oops! They were like frozen salt sticks instead of popcorn, gross! But they looked pretty :) and the chocolate drizzle and dulce de leche was very yummy.


So luckily I had extra sauce and made little Bon bons with that. My sisters idea to make these babies, brilliant, she saved the day. Much better!!! These were really yummy and super easy to make the dulce de leche and soooo creamy and tasty! Ah the magic that is sweetened condensed milk :)





Trying to Post via iPad

Am a little slow here but I just finally downloaded the word press app on my iPad to try posting from here. Am thinking this may make me update this ol blog more often, we will see.


So, this past weekend I made polichinkis (Serbian for crêpes) and they were super yummy :) I was going to make this crazy crepe cake but ended up eating them like I did as a kid instead! Maybe one day I will make the cake, but for now a little strawberry jam or apple butter was fabulous!



I also tried making some banana ice cream from some bananas that were getting too ripe to hold on to for long. And since sadly my oven is on the fritz I could not make banana bread. All I did was mash up the bananas and add some half and half to the mix and threw it in the ice cream maker. Came out way yummy and no extra sugar is a very nice thing. You probably don’t really need the half and half but I wanted to make sure it tasted creamy.



It was pretty tasty stuff I must say!