Blocking soon!

I have finished knitting the front and back of the gradient sweater. It was such a quick knit! I used the larger skeins of the yarn so I did not end up getting to the white but I think this still looks pretty so I think I will stick with it as is

Finished something!

This has been mostly done for over a year but since it is still snowing and cold here I finally finished it and still get to wear it right away! Love the yarn and color and pattern. Yup loved everythig about this project by Bergere.


Next up is this color changing yarn. So far am done with the ribbing on the back piece. I love knitting with sock weight yarn for sweaters! Am curious to see how this will turn out.  I bought 2 different lengths of yarn as I was not sure how much I need to get through the gradient. We shall see how it goes.


One Down! One to Go!

Pardon the crappy phone photo, but I knit this simple sock using Noro sock yarn. I have never tried this yarn before in sock weight or any other weight before. Crazy I know, but it certainly does make a fun sock. I knit this puppy in two days when we holed up over the holidays due to snow. So let’s hope I don’t drop the ball and never get to the second sock! The hubs might look a little goofy with just the one.

Back in the Knit of Things!

Dunno why but felt like spring was the time to knit some wool socks again :) I have completed one pair so far for my grandmother. And am on the second ankle sock of the same yarn for meself this time. 20130628-114213.jpg20130628-114354.jpgThen I knit up these real quick as well just for the heck of it. I usually knit on size 1 needles for my socks so I was trying out 2’s here, made them go right quick I must say!
20130628-114413.jpg20130628-114430.jpgOne driving force behind the resurgence is that I have been wanting to try carbon fiber knitting needles, since in our home we love all things carbon fiber! I ended up getting three different brands in varying sizes to see what I like most. So in order to decide I needed to start many projects at once of course! 20130628-114450.jpgSo now I also have the first sock in a pair for the hubs done as well. I need him to try it on before I finish off the toe though. But yay it has been nice to knit again!

Easter Treats Wrap Up

Made lots of fun treats this past week to celebrate with.
(click on the images to see larger)

  1. A spring Easter suds order. Soap and hand knit washcloths.
  2. Tie Dyed some eggs.
  3. Made ‘cadbury’ cream eggs, I added a hint of coconut.
  4. Also made peanut eggs and marshmellow eggs.
  5. Made homemade peeps.
  6. Also chocolate dipped some strawberries.
  7. Baked cake eggs, these seem like a great travel cake!

Need Buttons!

So I have my walnuss all blocked and ready to go, but I only had 4 buttons of the ones I would like to use for it, so I need to go and see if I can find me some more this weekend. The pattern uses 6 buttons, but I opted for more and since I added length as well I need a total of 9 buttons. Anywho here is a little photo of it as it stands for now.

I ended up not ripping back when I ran out of blue and doing the stripes I thought I would, but rather added a thick grey band at the bottom of the body and sleeves. I really like the double pleat bind off in this pattern, it is very sturdy and clean. I added another pleat and some length to the body and my sleeves are shorter than the pattern, but I used up every bit I could of the yarn I had on hand and it hits right above the elbow which is a comfy place for me so I am happy with it.

Making Lots of Little Things

I have been up to a lot of little things here and there these past couple of weeks. And I have been taking photos of the progress of some of it but just no time to upload anything yet. Hopefully sometime this weekend I will be able to post some fun pictures of things like lip balm, soap cupcakes, and a new sweater…

Workin’ on Walnuss…

As I mentioned before I am hoping I am going to have enough of the blue yarn to knit a mostly solid version of this test knit. I just got it stuck in my head that way. And then I plan to do the trim in the gray as below.

But in case I do run out of yarn, I had to know what it would look like if I go with stripes in the end. So I did a little color test in Photoshop. It is cute I think, just not my preferred for these colors, so I am willing to re-knit it that way if need be but am holding out for the solid version.