My Hawaiian Quilt

Check out the quilt my grandmother made me :) She based it on a hawaiian quilt square and just did a bunch of small ones. It is quite huge and so I am happy to say so it fits on a King sized bed! Thanks so much Baba, love it!

Tea Time!

Had some loose leaf tea laying around and so I decided to make these cute DIY tea bags I saw on The Sweetest Occasion. They are so cute! Pretty easy too, even for someone who does not sew, I did not have to care about precise fabric cutting or even stitches and it still works. phew!

These are going to be little gifties for Valentine’s Day to my mom and grandmother. I happened to have this crazy craft pad called Paper Purses laying around and I made them mini purses to hold their tea. So easy to do, just had to punch out the paper and glue together, fast and useful!