New Notebook

Check out my cool new notebook from my brother. It is fun cause you can play with the letter tiles any way you want and i really needed a new notebook for my in progress knits so, Voila!

Sister Shopping is Dangerous!

20130711-093104.jpgOh dear going to Sephora with ones sister can be dangerous to the wallet! It sure is fun though! 20130711-093420.jpgAlso saw this Naked nail polish kit and had to have it, I really love the eye shadow versions so grabbed this up!

Due to all this crazy make up purchasing I then had to go in and reorganize my bathroom cabinets, it is all awesome now!

No pic of that but here is one of the wacky leather texture polish we got.20130711-093734.jpg


I decided to be more colorful with the flowers this year :) Last year had all white which was pretty and simple.

But this year I went with some corals and purples.
Then it rained so much they almost drowned :( But it was sunny again so it is starting to fill in nicely now.
We had an awesome rose bush this spring too!
But now I am just watching it come back to life after drowning. It got very muddy for a bit in there. Hopefully in a few days I can take a fuller photo :) I even planted some along the fron edge of the bushes this time around.
See this is how last year started out.20130625-183346.jpg
Then in August holy moly nice and full!

Smoothies and Cycles

I got a new mixer and now I can’t stop makin’ smoothies! So far, fresh peaches ‘n cream was good, banana and yogurt and choc was good, bananas and strawberry and yogurt was good…and most of those I made more than once of course. Considering I got this just last week that is a lot of smoothie action I think.

Anywho we also got some road bikes since I really really need to exercise somehow. So far it is fun although I am not used to that kind of speed on a bike so I get all nervous and keep reminding myself to breathe. But I was able to pedal up the stupid crazy giant hills we have around here, well I did have to stop to rest once but I did not have to walk it so I am happy about that :)