Easter Treats Wrap Up

Made lots of fun treats this past week to celebrate with.
(click on the images to see larger)

  1. A spring Easter suds order. Soap and hand knit washcloths.
  2. Tie Dyed some eggs.
  3. Made ‘cadbury’ cream eggs, I added a hint of coconut.
  4. Also made peanut eggs and marshmellow eggs.
  5. Made homemade peeps.
  6. Also chocolate dipped some strawberries.
  7. Baked cake eggs, these seem like a great travel cake!

Egg-cellent Tie Dyes!


Back at easter time we tried out a new to us technique for dying. And I have to say I see why it would be so popular. It was fast, easy, CLEAN, and the results are like magic. Very fun. Not a drop of dye on the hands or anywhere else in the kitchen, yay!!
You just wrap the eggs in some old silk ties and an old sheet and then boil them for 20 minutes, when they are cool you get to see the magic. The unwrapping was the most fun part, the eggs really take on the prints of the ties very well.
You get about 3 eggs per tie. Here is a link on the “how to” if you wanna try it yourself sometime: Silk-Tie Easter Eggs or the updated video using scarves as well Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs.