One Down! One to Go!

Pardon the crappy phone photo, but I knit this simple sock using Noro sock yarn. I have never tried this yarn before in sock weight or any other weight before. Crazy I know, but it certainly does make a fun sock. I knit this puppy in two days when we holed up over the holidays due to snow. So let’s hope I don’t drop the ball and never get to the second sock! The hubs might look a little goofy with just the one.

Sister Shopping is Dangerous!

20130711-093104.jpgOh dear going to Sephora with ones sister can be dangerous to the wallet! It sure is fun though! 20130711-093420.jpgAlso saw this Naked nail polish kit and had to have it, I really love the eye shadow versions so grabbed this up!

Due to all this crazy make up purchasing I then had to go in and reorganize my bathroom cabinets, it is all awesome now!

No pic of that but here is one of the wacky leather texture polish we got.20130711-093734.jpg

Back in the Knit of Things!

Dunno why but felt like spring was the time to knit some wool socks again :) I have completed one pair so far for my grandmother. And am on the second ankle sock of the same yarn for meself this time. 20130628-114213.jpg20130628-114354.jpgThen I knit up these real quick as well just for the heck of it. I usually knit on size 1 needles for my socks so I was trying out 2’s here, made them go right quick I must say!
20130628-114413.jpg20130628-114430.jpgOne driving force behind the resurgence is that I have been wanting to try carbon fiber knitting needles, since in our home we love all things carbon fiber! I ended up getting three different brands in varying sizes to see what I like most. So in order to decide I needed to start many projects at once of course! 20130628-114450.jpgSo now I also have the first sock in a pair for the hubs done as well. I need him to try it on before I finish off the toe though. But yay it has been nice to knit again!


I decided to be more colorful with the flowers this year :) Last year had all white which was pretty and simple.

But this year I went with some corals and purples.
Then it rained so much they almost drowned :( But it was sunny again so it is starting to fill in nicely now.
We had an awesome rose bush this spring too!
But now I am just watching it come back to life after drowning. It got very muddy for a bit in there. Hopefully in a few days I can take a fuller photo :) I even planted some along the fron edge of the bushes this time around.
See this is how last year started out.20130625-183346.jpg
Then in August holy moly nice and full!