Smoothies and Cycles

I got a new mixer and now I can’t stop makin’ smoothies! So far, fresh peaches ‘n cream was good, banana and yogurt and choc was good, bananas and strawberry and yogurt was good…and most of those I made more than once of course. Considering I got this just last week that is a lot of smoothie action I think.

Anywho we also got some road bikes since I really really need to exercise somehow. So far it is fun although I am not used to that kind of speed on a bike so I get all nervous and keep reminding myself to breathe. But I was able to pedal up the stupid crazy giant hills we have around here, well I did have to stop to rest once but I did not have to walk it so I am happy about that :)

Trying to Post via iPad

Am a little slow here but I just finally downloaded the word press app on my iPad to try posting from here. Am thinking this may make me update this ol blog more often, we will see.


So, this past weekend I made polichinkis (Serbian for crêpes) and they were super yummy :) I was going to make this crazy crepe cake but ended up eating them like I did as a kid instead! Maybe one day I will make the cake, but for now a little strawberry jam or apple butter was fabulous!



I also tried making some banana ice cream from some bananas that were getting too ripe to hold on to for long. And since sadly my oven is on the fritz I could not make banana bread. All I did was mash up the bananas and add some half and half to the mix and threw it in the ice cream maker. Came out way yummy and no extra sugar is a very nice thing. You probably don’t really need the half and half but I wanted to make sure it tasted creamy.



It was pretty tasty stuff I must say!