Yay finally baked in my very own oven!!! And I even had an old pal over who got to help us eat them up!!! I love exclamation points right now!!! In case you want to make these cookies here are the recipe links!!!

Cranberry Molasses Cookies

Dark Chocolate Chip Comfort Cookies

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

My favorite were the Cranberry Molasses Cookies,very easy to get a yummy gingerbread-ie cookie without having to roll out dough and cut shapes and frost!!!

The Dark Chocolate Chip Comfort Cookies have a touch of peanut butter in them so they were not overly chocolatey!!!

And the Cinnamon Roll Cookies, I did the cheat thing and used a premade sugar cookie dough :) Also was so warm at that point and I did not wait long enough to re-chill the dough that they flattened out a bit, but still tasted good!!!

Belated Father’s Day Recap

So this Father’s Day I was inspired to make these cute little burgers and fries. The best part is they are really brownies,cupcakes, and sugar cookies!


See the loverly frosting condiments?
I just love the real sesame seeds on top.
Would you like fries with that? These thin and crispy sugar cookies were pretty yummy I must say. And you don’t have to have a lot to get a taste and satisfy the sweet tooth.
I snagged the little ketchup cups from Burger King, but the rest of the paper cuteness was printed and cut by me.
If you want to make your own visit Bakerella’s super fun site and borrow her recipe like I did. It is genius!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Lots of fun going on here…

Creating Gingerbread trees and mini houses

Pumpkin Muffins with cranberries and home made honey butter

Making and eating pizza (so fast I forgot to take a final photo)
Soap galore! I love the stained glass effect, when held up to the light!
Soap_red_presents.jpg Soap_red_merrychristmas_1.jpg Soap_red_candy.jpg Soap_pinkgreen_holly.jpg Soap_pink_hawaii.jpg
Soap_pink_greenpink_hawaii_2.jpg Soap_pink_greenpink_hawaii_1.jpg Soap_Green_tree.jpg Soap_green_santa.jpg Soap_green_presents.jpg
Soap_green_noel.jpg Soap_green_merrychristmas.jpg Soap_green_holly.jpg Soap_blue_naughtynice.jpg Soap_blue_snowman_2.jpg
Soap_Blue_snowman_1.jpg Soap_blue_snowflakeswind.jpg Soap_blue_snowflakes.jpg Soap_blue_snowflake_1.jpg Soap_blue_penguin.jpg
Soap_blue_naughtynice.jpg soap_blue_hats.jpg Soap_blue_bird.jpg Soap_blue_babyitscold.jpg Soap_blue-wind.jpg
Here’s to a fabulous 2010!

Cookies Within Cookies

I got a fun cookie book, bigfatcookies by Elinor Klivans, a couple weeks ago and finally gave a recipe a try. I have to say that I bought the book because of the fun layout and I also got its partner cupcake book for that same reason. But, as it turns out the recipies look great too, and so far I have made the Cookie in a Cookie recipe and loved it! First you make your chocolate chip cookies the normal way, then let them cool and crumble it into the rest of the cookie batter and back the final cookie.

Check out the batter before adding the bits of already baked cookie and after.

2 doughs

Here is the first round of baking, all smooth and pretty.

normal chocolate chip

Then here is the final cookie all textured and twice as yummy!

Best chocolate chip cookie I have ever made!

I think these are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever made. Next time I am thinking of adding macadamia nuts! I love this book and can’t wait to try more of the cookies in it.