Chocolate Cherry Rocks!



I made this icecream once before and so when it looked like I was not eating a bag full of cherries fast enough, I decided it was time for a repeat appearance :) cooked the cherries up before they could rot and then made the chocolate custard base and put it in the fridge for a day to chill before running it through the ice cream maker.






It is super creamy and delicious and the cherries really make it all the better although the chocolate ice cream on its own is probably plenty yummy. I highly recommend making your own ice cream, it is fun and very tasty indeed!

Lemon Cupcakes!


These were sooo good. Light and fluffy, a little sticky and super lemon fresh! The texture was almost like angel food cake but still had a little more everyday cake to it. Not sure if that made any sense, but they were yummy. Next time I will do it as the recipe said and not use wrappers, but since I was bringing these to a BBQ I figured it would be easier to have the paper on them. Oh and the glaze was optional, but I highly recommend it as it really kicked up the lemon zing! Recipe from Cupcakes! By Elinor Klivans. The pumpkin spice ones are also super good from this book.


Sunday Soaping

Recently went to Disney World and saw a cute mold so I tried it out this weekend. I think next time I will try black mickeys and a white background or maybe even some color.

Mickey EmbedMickey EmbedMickey EmbedMickey Embed

The clear soap is still a bit cloudy I should have blued it more I think, but still pretty cute, when wet it will look more clear is my guess.

Then decided to try re-using some fruit cups to make fruity soaps. These look just like real jello cups, but please do not eat! And they smell like passionfruit rose, yum!