Back in the Knit of Things!

Dunno why but felt like spring was the time to knit some wool socks again :) I have completed one pair so far for my grandmother. And am on the second ankle sock of the same yarn for meself this time. 20130628-114213.jpg20130628-114354.jpgThen I knit up these real quick as well just for the heck of it. I usually knit on size 1 needles for my socks so I was trying out 2’s here, made them go right quick I must say!
20130628-114413.jpg20130628-114430.jpgOne driving force behind the resurgence is that I have been wanting to try carbon fiber knitting needles, since in our home we love all things carbon fiber! I ended up getting three different brands in varying sizes to see what I like most. So in order to decide I needed to start many projects at once of course! 20130628-114450.jpgSo now I also have the first sock in a pair for the hubs done as well. I need him to try it on before I finish off the toe though. But yay it has been nice to knit again!