Holy Tomatoes!!!

Wow started this post in October and am just now realizing I never finished it :) Anyway happy 2015 all and here is to my old garden :)


Seriously excited by the harvest so far! We get pretty much a bowl full a day, so it is insane. I have been freezing the cherry ones but I think I may try canning the larger tomatoes, we shall see how that goes. Also on our third or fourth round of mega eggplant harvest so that has been awesome too. There are also five or more currently coming in again!

Up soon will be a bunch of sweet red peppers and the cabbage is getting pretty darn huge too so we might actually get full heads of cabbage, cool!

Started writing this post a couple weeks ago, since then tomatoes have been everywhere. I made the most yummy sauce with them and our hot peppers and parsley, am totally loving cooking and eating home grown veggies. This gardening thing has been so worth the work!

Cabbage and sweet red peppers were cool too, never thought I would get such large produce in the end.

I want to try to make stuffed cabbage too since I did get large enough leaves, yay!

Ok enlisted the little brother to make the stuffed cabbage and it came out great!