Finished something!

This has been mostly done for over a year but since it is still snowing and cold here I finally finished it and still get to wear it right away! Love the yarn and color and pattern. Yup loved everythig about this project by Bergere.


Next up is this color changing yarn. So far am done with the ribbing on the back piece. I love knitting with sock weight yarn for sweaters! Am curious to see how this will turn out.  I bought 2 different lengths of yarn as I was not sure how much I need to get through the gradient. We shall see how it goes.


New Image Size Test

Here we go, trying to find the ideal image size for this here layout. Am hoping this will do it. Now on to adding the photo.

This is my most recent completed knit. Picovoli is the lovely free pattern from MagKnits. I added ribbing to the bottom as it was rolling halfway up my tummy and not looking so attractive, but that is not in the photo below. I will have to take a better shot with me in it with the ribbing at some point.


The yarn used for this project came from IndiGirl Amy’s new store and was something called dsdaldkjl. Yeah it was a japanese yarn and I am blanking on all real info. Will get back to you on that as well.