Happy Snoween!!!

He he, so we are without power since Saturday afternoon, they say maybe Wednesday it will be back, sweet! Not really so bad even though dropped well below freezing last night, lots of blankets keep us cozy enough. It is a fun time, not being sarcastic either I swear, driving through all the downed trees is very exciting :)

View outside my kitchen window!

And here is the back deck…

Hope you are warm and safe somewhere, and enjoy the Trick or Treatin’….

**updated** So poor kiddos did not get to trick or treat in our town this year, too dangerous they said. At least they did not have to go to school :) And we shall be without power until Friday Midnight according to the schedule. Second powerless week this year, craziness!

From Snowtopia to Icehenge!!! (and new mittens!)


Look look I finished knitting something that fits and I love! Yay, these are the Fletcher Mittens and I made them with some awesome Mushishi yarn to match my pom pom hat I made awhile back. I love them, did I mention that yet? They fit great and are nice and warm, so I wear them every day right now!

Not surprising to see more snow pics, but I had these from a couple storms ago this year, so here you go!
Yup we put those giant icicles to good use in our little ice garden we call Icehenge. It continues to grow due to that little ice storm we had the other day. Man those were some serious icicles we had going on, much bigger than in my pics here but alas I was not out photographizing that day. Makes ya feel like some hot cocoa doesn’t it? And of course I have not had one decent cup this whole season. it might be time this weekend to whip some up at long last, ok off to buy me some marshmellows!