Soap Candy

I had my annual Thanksgiving Craft Show this weekend at Holy Trinity Church and so I had to come up with some inventory quick :)

Today am sharing pics of the reeces pieces soaps I made. I love making the little bites and seeing the middle. And they smell of loverly chocolate and peanut butter. Fun Fun Fun.

Easter Treats Wrap Up

Made lots of fun treats this past week to celebrate with.
(click on the images to see larger)

  1. A spring Easter suds order. Soap and hand knit washcloths.
  2. Tie Dyed some eggs.
  3. Made ‘cadbury’ cream eggs, I added a hint of coconut.
  4. Also made peanut eggs and marshmellow eggs.
  5. Made homemade peeps.
  6. Also chocolate dipped some strawberries.
  7. Baked cake eggs, these seem like a great travel cake!

myafinari suds

Check it out I have another blog page for my soaps! Decided to put it there so I can start to build a sort of gallery of soap that I make there. I really enjoy making sudsy stuffs and I make way more than I can use up and even more than gifting can use up. So I have been slowly treading into the selling territory, mostly local sales so far but we will see where it goes :) Anywho check it out here. Recently had an order for cupcake soap favors for a bridal shower.

I also made some lip balms. I am really enjoying the watermellon at the moment but they all smell yummy to me!

Sunday Soaping

Recently went to Disney World and saw a cute mold so I tried it out this weekend. I think next time I will try black mickeys and a white background or maybe even some color.

Mickey EmbedMickey EmbedMickey EmbedMickey Embed

The clear soap is still a bit cloudy I should have blued it more I think, but still pretty cute, when wet it will look more clear is my guess.

Then decided to try re-using some fruit cups to make fruity soaps. These look just like real jello cups, but please do not eat! And they smell like passionfruit rose, yum!