Happy Snoween!!!

He he, so we are without power since Saturday afternoon, they say maybe Wednesday it will be back, sweet! Not really so bad even though dropped well below freezing last night, lots of blankets keep us cozy enough. It is a fun time, not being sarcastic either I swear, driving through all the downed trees is very exciting :)

View outside my kitchen window!

And here is the back deck…

Hope you are warm and safe somewhere, and enjoy the Trick or Treatin’….

**updated** So poor kiddos did not get to trick or treat in our town this year, too dangerous they said. At least they did not have to go to school :) And we shall be without power until Friday Midnight according to the schedule. Second powerless week this year, craziness!

Sunday Soaping

Recently went to Disney World and saw a cute mold so I tried it out this weekend. I think next time I will try black mickeys and a white background or maybe even some color.

Mickey EmbedMickey EmbedMickey EmbedMickey Embed

The clear soap is still a bit cloudy I should have blued it more I think, but still pretty cute, when wet it will look more clear is my guess.

Then decided to try re-using some fruit cups to make fruity soaps. These look just like real jello cups, but please do not eat! And they smell like passionfruit rose, yum!

Hope Returns to the Needles

Since I actually finished knitting a whole sweater I am going crazy and thinking hey I can finish projects after all! So I picked up Hope, a sweater I started knitting back in 2003!!! Goodness me, I had the whole back already knitted up and part of the front and then it has been sitting in a zip lock ever since. Shameful, as is the condition of so many of my started projects. So I have now already finished the front and am a quarter of the way through the sleeves, am knitting them at the same time so they hopefully turn out the same. The great news is that the gauge is working out well so where I left off looks just like what I am doing now, phew! The sad news is I must have been dumb back in the day cause the pattern says I need 11 balls for the size I am knitting and hello I only have 10 balls. I am just crossing my fingers I can squeak it out somehow, we shall see…