Fiber Ice Cream

I have finally finished spinning up all the neopolitan fluff I got fromĀ Spunky Eclectic. That is 1 pound of the neopolitan and 1 pound of plain old vanilla. Thank goodness theĀ sister got a wheel otherwise I would never be able to spin that much! Not sure when I am going to try and invent a sweater to knit this into but I am looking forward to it as I have already knitted some swatches just to see what the knit fabric looks like and it seems like lots of fun to come.

neopolitan hanks

Lots of Organizing Going On

Here is what I started with:

What a mess!

That is an entire pool table full of yarn and two huge baskets of afghan yarn behind it. Also the table that is cut off on the right in the photo is overflowing with in progress knits. Yikes!

I needed to better organize what I have so that I don’t buy more. Hence investing in lots of fabric cubes.

Hmmm...what is that block spot?

You can see I had a little helper in there. Here is a better view of her.

Hello Sara!

And finally the new wall o’ yarn! Now I am not supposed to buy anything that won’t fit in this wall. As if what is in there isn’t already enough. I just love texture and color so much it is hard to stop!

The Wall O' Yarn